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The 12th "International Young Scholars East Lake Forum - School of Computer Science and Technology Sub-Forum" was held successfully

time:January 15, 2024 author:Zheng SHI edit:石铮

On December 26, 2023, the 12th "International Young Scholars East Lake Forum · School of Computer Science and Technology Sub-Forum" occurred at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). The event, organized by the School of Computer Science and Technology, was held online and offline. Hui YI, the Party Secretary, and Dan FENG, the Dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology at HUST, were in attendance. Yuchong Hu, the Dean's Assistant, served as the host, and the sub-forum saw the participation of 7 young scholars from various countries, along with more than 20 faculty and student representatives.



At the beginning of the conference, the host, Yuchong HU, provided an overview of the sub-forum and introduced the attending leaders. Dean Dan FENG delivered a speech on behalf of the School, extending a warm welcome to the young scholars. She emphasized the importance of academic exchanges between scholars from within and outside the university, highlighting the value of gaining valuable experience. Dean FENG also encouraged the young talents present to participate in the School's faculty recruitment fair. She shared the current development and achievements of the School's disciplines. The computer discipline at HUST has a rich history of 50 years since its establishment in 1973. It has been designated as a critical discipline for "Double First-Class" development by the Ministry of Education, one of the nine crucial disciplines at HUST. The School has the authority to grant doctoral degrees in the first-level discipline of computer science and technology. It houses five research institutes specializing in distributed computing, data storage, digital media, data engineering, and artificial intelligence and optimization. The School of Computer Science and Technology at HUST was evaluated as an A-level institution in the fourth round of discipline assessment. HUST ranks among the top 5% globally according to reputable global university rankings such as U.S. News, ARWU, QS, and THES. In the latest ESI computer science ranking, the discipline of the School of Computer Science and Technology at HUST is placed 14th globally and 6th in China. Dean FENG emphasized that regardless of whether the attendees plan to join the School of Computer Science and Technology at HUST, they are all welcome to engage in academic exchanges at the School.


Yan WANG, a senior research scientist at NVIDIA and a computer science Ph.D. from Cornell University, delivered a presentation titled "Towards Scalable Autonomous Driving Research," where he discussed his research work on autonomous driving and highlighted three major scalable research bottlenecks in the field. He also shared his solutions to these challenges. His proposed model for 3D object detection using only cameras has the potential to enhance performance and versatility while reducing costs for autonomous driving systems, making it a promising development.


Dr. Chenglin FAN, a postdoctoral researcher at Johns Hopkins University, presented "In Pursuit of Metric Data and Privacy in Modern Data Analysis." He introduced his research work on data quality and privacy. His algorithms strengthen the security and efficiency of data used in data analysis, and his achievements have been published in several top conferences, demonstrating high theoretical value.


Professor Qiang HE from the School of Computer Science and Technology at HUST delivered a presentation titled "Edge Data Management: Edge Problems with Edge Solutions." He discussed his research on edge data management, focusing on three aspects: edge data caching, edge data distribution, and edge data security.


Dr. Shan SHEN, a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Computer Science at Tsinghua University, presented "Customized Design Methodology for On-Chip Memory." He introduced his research content, including the SRAM yield analysis model and parasitic parameter prediction based on GNN. He also discussed the agile design methods used in the customized memory design process, aiming to achieve the design of highly efficient storage chips.


Dr. Qinbin LI, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, presented "Effective and Efficient Federated Learning on Heterogeneous Data." He provided an overview of federated learning models' research background, accuracy, and efficiency. He also discussed future directions for the development of federated learning models.


Xiaopei Zhu, a Ph.D. student at Tsinghua University, delivered a presentation titled "Infrared Thermal Imaging Artificial Intelligence Stealth Research with Hardware-Software Co-design (Infrared Physics Adversarial Samples)." During the presentation, he highlighted his ongoing research on infrared physics adversarial samples, providing insights into three parts, including the topic's background and significance, research plans and achievements, and doctoral academic work product.


Associate Professor Xiong WANG from HUST gave a presentation titled "Distributed Deep Learning Systems." He discussed the challenges current distributed deep learning systems face. He further introduced his solutions and recent research progress.


Following the academic exchange presentations, the attendees engaged in discussions on the young scholars' reports, the future development of the School of Computer Science and Technology at HUST, and policies for attracting young talents. Five young scholars raised inquiries regarding the current development of research directions, talent recruitment policies, teaching models, and the construction of the new campus. The Secretary of the Party Committee, Hui YI, the Dean, Dan FENG, the directors of various research institutes, and young faculty members present provided relevant responses. Young faculty members Qiang HE, Bolong ZHENG, and Xiong WANG shared their personal experiences in career development.


At the end of the discussion, Secretary Hui YI once again welcomed the young scholars to join the School of Computer Science and Technology family at HUST. He encouraged young scholars' online and offline participation in the Faculty Recruitment Fair, held on the afternoon of December 27, to realize their research ideals in HUST step by step. In addition, he shared three proposals with the participants: first, to strengthen academic exchanges and cooperation among scholars and jointly build a better communication platform; second, to value innovative ideas that arise during scholarly exchanges and try best to translate ideas into practical outputs; third, to cherish opportunities like the "International Young Scholars East Lake Forum" provided by HUST, actively participate in related activities, and expand the space and influence of faculty-student exchanges. Finally, on behalf of all the faculty members and students of the School, Secretary Hui YI expressed sincere gratitude to the scholars and students who came to the sub-forum, hoping for strengthened cooperation and mutual progress in the future to make contributions to computer science.

The sub-forum centered around the present development and prospects of information science. It extended invitations to young scholars from domestic and international backgrounds, fostering academic discussions and facilitating knowledge exchange among the young scholars while broadening the global perspectives of faculty and students at HUST. This collective effort contributes to the thriving advancement of information science. The interview and assessment session for the candidates of the 12th "International Young Scholars East Lake Forum · School of Computer Science and Technology Sub-Forum" was held on the afternoon of December 27.

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