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Osmanthus Fragrance and Moonlight: Mid-Autumn Festival Activities for International Students

time:September 30, 2023 author:Shi Zheng edit:SHI Zheng


Since when, a gentle breeze has been blowing on campus, carrying the fragrance of osmanthus flowers. As the longing grows stronger, it is once again the time for Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional Chinese festival. In order to promote communication among international students, help them understand Chinese traditional culture, and experience the blessings of the festival, we have organized a series of Mid-Autumn activities for international students.


With the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is time to express blessings through written words.

On September 28, 2023, at 2:30 p.m., international students from the School of Computer Science and Technology gathered in the conference room to participate in the Mid-Autumn activities, aiming to learn about and explore Chinese traditional culture and celebrate the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Before the start of the event, Mr. Zheng Shi , the foreign affairs officer of the School of Computer Science and Technology, gave a brief introduction and safety reminders, and wished for the successful completion of the Mid-Autumn activities for international postgraduate students. Following that, the event was hosted by Ms. Meng Tan, the international student class teacher. The first part of the event was a self-introduction session, where students randomly drew two playing cards, introduced themselves and then answer the questions corresponding to the numbers on the cards. As the event progressed, the atmosphere gradually warmed up, with students attentively listening, occasionally bursting into laughter, and actively responding. This "ice-breaking" activity effectively fostered better communication and understanding among the students.


After the self-introduction session, the event moved on to the cultural learning segment about the Mid-Autumn Festival. Through interesting introduction videos, international students gained a deeper understanding of the traditional culture associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival and gradually appreciated its significance, particularly the concept of "reunion and happiness." Furthermore, Mr. Haobo Lu was invited to teach international students a Chinese song related to the Mid-Autumn Festival, titled "May we all be blessed with longevity". Engaging in this enjoyable activity, international students recited and sang the song aloud, deepening their understanding of the symbolism of Mid-Autumn Festival—yearning and longing of reunion.


In order to further immerse international students in traditional Chinese culture, the event also carefully arranged a session for brush calligraphy. Through an introduction to the brush and a video demonstration on how to hold the brush, the international students gained a preliminary understanding of brush making and proper brush-holding techniques. Afterwards, brushes, ink, and calligraphy paper were distributed, allowing the international students to write a classic poem for the Mid-Autumn Festival: "May we all be blessed with longevity, and share the beauty of the moon, no matter how far apart we are." The atmosphere was lively and spirited, with the international students actively showcasing their written verses. For those who wrote slowly or had issues with holding the brush, their class teacher, Jie Qin, provided hands-on instruction. From initially awkward strokes to gradually becoming more proficient, the international students developed an increased interest in learning about and understanding Chinese traditional culture through brush calligraphy.


Subsequently, the Mid-Autumn Tea Party began, allowing the international students to select their preferred flavor of mooncakes from a wide range of options, which had been purchased prior to the event.

Additionally, the international students in attendance were given greeting cards to write heartfelt messages to their loved ones on this special occasion. Furthermore, Vice Dean Ruixuan Li from the School of Computer Science and Technology was invited to engage in a study exchange with the international students, offering guidance on completing research tasks and planning for their future development. The students greatly benefited from this exchange and posed questions on recent challenges, such as effective communication with advisors and tools available for interdisciplinary research. Vice Dean Li provided detailed responses to each question.


As the event gradually came to a close, the international students still yearned for more, cherishing the customs and culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival and treasuring the calligraphy they had written with their own hands. They engaged in lively conversations with their peers about recent interesting experiences. Finally, the event was summarized by the class teacher, Meng Tan, who wished all the students smooth sailing and great achievements in their future studies and lives.


The bright moon shines in its fullness, and songs celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

On the evening of September 28, 2023, at 8 o'clock, undergraduate international students from the School of Computer Science and Technology gathered together on the central playground of the university to celebrate the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival.


The event was hosted by the class teacher for international students, Haobo Lu. It began with the segment of self-introductions and mutual introductions among the undergraduate international students, deepening their understanding from two perspectives. To warm up for the subsequent activities, the international students participated in an ice-breaking game called "Pass the Handkerchief." Sitting in a circle, they responded to the moon in the sky.

Next, they moved on to the highlight of the event, where the international students performed a chorus of the song "May we all be blessed with longevity." The lyrics were written by Shi Su, and the melody was gentle and graceful. The song conveyed the beautiful sentiment of "Wishing we last forever, and share the beauty of the moon, no matter how far apart we are." During the process of teaching the song, the international students showed great enthusiasm. For those without singing experience, Haobo Lu, the class teacher for international students, demonstrated vocal techniques for them. The performance of this classic Mid-Autumn song further deepened the international students' understanding of Chinese traditional culture and the significance of the Mid-Autumn Festival.



At the event's conclusion, pre-purchased mooncakes were distributed to international students. Class teacher Meng Tan delivered a closing speech, extending wishes for a fulfilling life and successful academic pursuits to all students.


The fragrance of osmanthus fills the sky, and it's once again the Mid-Autumn Festival. Through the series of Mid-Autumn activities for international students, the School of Computer Science and Technology has facilitated communication among international students, enabled them to learn about Chinese traditional culture, and immersed them in the festive atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Finally, we wish all the international students a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, a fulfilling life, and success in all their endeavors.

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