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Two Teachers Won the National Excellent Teaching Award for Computer Science Major

time:December 8, 2022 author: edit:Shi Zheng

On March 25, the award ceremony of the 2021 National Excellent Teaching Award Program was held online. Two teachers, Professor Junqing Yu and Associate Professor Yunfeng He from the School of Computer Science and Technology were selected for the program. Four teachers from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) and 55 teachers from all over the country were selected. Professor Zhihu Tan of the School was selected for the award in 2019.

Junqing Yu was selected for his outstanding performance in the main course Digital Circuit and Logic Design, which is a national first-class (offline) undergraduate course, national quality course, and national quality shared course. Professor Junqing Yu is the course leader. In class, he deeply analyzed the physical principles of digital circuits, focused on the core and key problems of chip design, and explained the development process of the technological revolution and the important role of core and key technologies in combination with actual cases such as TSMC power outage and Huawei Hisiliconchip, which effectively stimulated students' interest in learning and their sense of mission and endogenous motivation to solve the problem of "chip shortage". Students commented that his courseware was beautifully made, lively, and interesting, the content kept pace with the times, and the narration was easy to understand. Junqing Yu is a responsible professor of undergraduate and graduate courses at HUST. He currently teaches three courses: Digital Circuit and Logic DesignMultimedia Foundation, and Search Engine Technology Foundation. He has meticulously recorded MOOCs and put them online, which have been selected by dozens of universities. His class has been selected as the most satisfactory class for students many times. In 2009, he won first prize in the teaching competition at HUST. In 2010, he was selected as one of the "Top Ten Young Teachers" at HUST. In 2021, he won the first prize in terms of teaching results at HUST. At the award ceremony, Yu spoke as the representative of the award-winning teachers. He said, "What I love the most is giving classes to students and discussing research issues with students. Only when I stand on the podium in front of the classroom, can I feel that I am a competent teacher. Students' favor and their recognition motivate me to keep working hard in every class."

Associate Professor Yunfeng He was selected for his outstanding performance in the main course Computer Graphics. The course in computer graphics is organized according to the programming framework of modern graphics. On the basis of classical theory, it integrates new graphics technology and new development to lay a foundation for students who are ready to engage in research and work in graphics-related fields. In the course, he focuses on introducing the struggle and development process of domestic graphics software and arouses students' patriotic feelings. Through the deeds of Academician Xuan Wang, he encourages students to treat problems with a scientific attitude and establish a scientific spirit of not being afraid of difficulties and being willing to innovate. At present, Yunfeng He is mainly responsible for two undergraduate courses at HUST: Computer Graphics and Digital Circuit and Logic Design. His classes have been selected as the most satisfactory class for students three times. From 2004 to 2006, he won the second prize in the Teaching Quality Excellence Award for three consecutive years and the first prize in the teacher's Teaching Competition held by HUST in 2005. He participated in the compilation of the national 11th Five-Year Plan textbook--Fundamentals of Computer Graphics.

Under the support and guidance of the Ministry of Education and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the "National Excellent TeachingAward" was jointly initiated by Professor John Hopcroft (winner of the Turing Award and the Chinese Government Friendship Award, and foreign Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Professor WenGao (President of the Chinese Computer Federation and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering). Some high-tech enterprises with important social influence jointly donated to the China Teachers Development Foundation to set up a non-governmental public welfare award program. In 2018, the first batch of evaluation and reward was carried out on a pilot basis; basic undergraduate courses related to computer major was selected, peer experts were organized to conductanon-site an evaluation of classroom teaching, and teachers with excellent teaching ability were rewarded. The award aims to encourage universities to pay more attention to undergraduate classroom teaching, effectively improve the relationship between teaching and research, and promote the overall quality of computer science teaching in China. In 2021, we organized the third award program for outstanding teachers of computer science majors in colleges and universities, covering more than 40 universities and 257 undergraduate computer science teachers in China.

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