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"HUST - USYD Academic Lecture Series" on Medical & Engineering Cross Session Held Successfully

time:November 18, 2022 author:Shi Zheng, Liu Yan edit:Shi Zheng

On November 11, 2022, the "HUST - USYD Academic Lecture Series" on Medical & Engineering Cross Session was successfully held online by the School of Computer Science and Technology of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) and the University of Sydney (USYD). Chen Jianguo, Vice President of HUST, attended the event and delivered a speech. Prof.Shi Xuanhua, Deputy Dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology, presided over the opening ceremony.

"Health care is a common issue facing both China and Australia. Collaboration in the cross-field of medicine and engineering is an important part of the cooperation between HUST and USYD. How to use high-tech to provide people with better health services is a challenge that the two universities and even the two countries need to work together to deal with. HUST will actively take our social responsibilities, promote innovation in the area of healthcare, and work closely with USYD to explore new models of cooperation in scientific research, talent training and industrial transformation, so as to address common challenges of human society." Chen said in his speech.

Picture | Vice President Chen Jianguo delivered a speech

Dagan Feng, the academician of the Australian Academy of Technology Sciences & Engineering (ATSE) and the professor of USYD, expressed his gratitude to leaders of our university and scholars from the School, Tongji Hospital, and Union Hospital for their support to the bilateral collaboration on medical and engineering cross field. He pointed out that this lecture is an important platform for interdisciplinary academic exchanges and research cooperation between the research teams of the two universities. It is hoped that through in-depth discussions, the two sides can generate more inspiration for issues of common concern and expand greater space for cooperation.

Picture | Academician Feng Dagan delivered a speech

Later, Prof. Jinman Kim and Prof. Dagan Feng from USYD, Prof. Bin Sheng from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Dr. Lei Bi from USYD, and Prof. Fan Yang from HUST gave keynote lectures on biomedical and big data applications.

Picture | Professor Sheng Bin gave a special report

The lecture attracted more than 60 teachers and students from USYD, SJTU, HUST, and other well-known universities worldwide to participate online. The teachers and students at the meeting discussed many topics, for example, the development of biomedical engineering and technology, the remote life monitoring system based on facial images, the effective guiding role of AI models for detecting and predicting children's myopia, computational technologies for multi-modality medical images, and the opportunistic CT screening based on artificial intelligence.

This lecture inspired us to think about the prospect of biomedical engineering and technology, broadened our international vision, and laid a solid foundation for the in-depth cooperation between HUST and USYD.

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