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School of Computer Science and Technology Won the First Prize of CCF Science and Technology Award for Natural Science

time:November 16, 2022 author: edit:Shi Zheng

On November 8, China Computer Federation (CCF) released the results of this year's "CCF Science and Technology Award". The project "Basic Theory and Method of Time-sensitive Processing of Big Data" led by the School of Computer Science and Technology won the first prize in the CCF Science and Technology Award for Natural Science in 2022.



The "CCF Science and Technology Award" was established by China Computer Federation to award outstanding achievements that have essential discoveries, inventions, and original innovations in the field of computer science, technology, or engineering, and have a certain international influence in the related fields. The CCF Awards are divided into three categories: natural science, technology innovation, and technological progress. Among these, the "CCF Science and Technology Award for Natural Science" is awarded to projects that achieve theoretical breakthroughs or original research results that have significant/important scientific discoveries in basic or applied basic research in computer and related fields. In 2022, a total of 71 projects were recommended/applied for the "CCF Science and Technology Award", of which there is only one first prize in natural science.

The project was completed by Prof. Xuanhua Shi, Prof. Hai Jin, Prof. Pingpeng Yuan of the School, Dr. Bingsheng He, and Professor Qiong Luo of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. This project proposes new processing methods such as the memory-based vertical extension of time-sensitive processing of big data, parallel acceleration of heterogeneous architecture, and orderly storage and sequential processing of big data. The project established the basic theory and core method system of time-sensitive processing of big data, significantly improving the efficiency of big data processing. With the successful applications in large Internet companies, grand supercomputer centers, and China Telecom, the project has achieved good social and economic benefits.

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