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Defense Process for International Ph.D Students

time:December 1, 2022 author: edit:Shi Zheng

Defense procedure(March 2021)

1、Required course credits: Credits refer to the requirements of the training program.

2、Research module contains:

(1)Thesis proposal

 1)3 grading sheets by three proposal examiners

 2)Thesis proposal report

 3)The thesis proposal is usually scheduled 1 year after the student is enrolled in her/his master's program. Submitted before the end of November of the second year.

(2)Participate in an open academic report

Attend internal and external public academic seminars, Submit a study report on her/his gains and experiences. Submitted before the thesis defense

(3)Mid-term Research Proposal

(4)Publication, Printonepublished paper

Before defense, Doctoral students are required to submit these four reports to me after getting marks and signatures from a supervisor.

3、Complete the dissertation and get the consent of the supervisor.

There is no requirement for the number of words and pages in the dissertation.

4、Webpagelogin: http://gs.hust.edu.cn/, click Graduate System (Supervisor & Graduate), click Degree System to upload the dissertation, and apply for pre-defense.Supervisor confirms defense secretary input pre-defense results, college confirms.

5、After passing the pre-defense, students can apply for the repetition rate detection. The supervisor confirms on the same webpage.ThePostgraduateSchoolwill recheck the repetition rate.

upload requirements: Please fill in the form and put this document on the first page of the dissertation, delete your name、school name, and supervisor’s name in your dissertation, delete acknowledgment, and delete names of all authors of Publications.

6、 It will take 1-2 working days for plagiarism checking, and students can see the results in their own system. students who passed the repetition rate detection apply for paper review.

7、Dissertationblind review

the doctoral thesis of international students will send to the national degree Center for blind review just like Chinese students. The time blind review is generally about one month. There will be 3 experts giving the results. The requirements for blind review results are as follows:

A.Agree to reply

B.Direct reply after modification

C.Submit it again after modification (Modify at least three months)

D.Disagree with the defense (Modify at least six months)

Within the longest period of study, students can apply for 3timesfor review. If more than 3 times, the review application will not be accepted.

8、According to the blind review results, students who pass the review can apply for the defense. The application for defense must be applied one week before the defense. After applying for the defense, please wait for the supervisor and department to confirm.

9、Students complete thesis defense.BeforeMay30, defense secretariesmust submit all the materialsofthe degree applicants(including the electronic versions) to thePostgraduateOffice.

10、Degree applicants are required to complete a paper archive in the Graduate System Including Original statement, and copyright authorization (scanned or photographed after signature or electronic signature by yourself and supervisor).

11、After the filing thesis is submitted, students need to check the information in the "Graduation Degree" and submit it.

12、 In June, the School of Computer Science will hold a meeting of the degree review committee to review the materials of each degree applicant and submit them to the school.

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