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The Vivid Memories in the School of Computer Science and Technology| A Special Graduation Ceremony for International Students

time:July 1, 2024 author:石铮 edit:石铮

On June 13th, the School of Computer Science and Technology hosted an International Student Experience Sharing Session and Graduation Farewell Party in Room 433 of No.1 South Building in the afternoon. It provided a platform for international students to share their experiences and exchange ideas about their studies and life. It was also a warm farewell party for the graduating international students.


The session began with an introduction by the foreign affairs officer of the School of Computer Science and Technology, Zheng Shi. He shared the most recent academic arrangements and important matters with the students. He then individually acknowledged the graduating international students, spotlighting their endeavors and accomplishments throughout their tenure at the School. Alongside the other students, Mr. Zheng Shi extended warm congratulations and kind wishes to the graduating students. He encouraged them to sustain close communication with the School and China via the International Student Alumni Association, contributing to the "Belt and Road" initiative and constructing a community with a shared future for humanity.

Representatives of outstanding graduates from bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs sincerely and warmly shared their valuable experiences and insights gained during their studies at HUST.

Simin Yu, the representative of the outstanding PhD students from Egypt, shared her valuable experience and insights during her school years from both academic and life perspectives. Simin Yu first expressed her gratitude to her supervisor, Professor Kun He, and all the faculty in the School, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a good relationship with them. She then elaborated on her study approaches and shared tips for improving learning efficiency. She pointed out that rational planning of time and making study plans are the keys to success and that it is also important to focus on usual accumulation and review. In terms of life, Simin Yu shared her interesting stories and beautiful memories on campus. She talked about her experiences and feelings at HUST and expressed her love for campus life. She recalled the joyful moments spent with friends and emphasized the importance of friendship in university life. Finally, Simin Yu offered suggestions on balancing academic and personal life. She believed that finding hobbies and participating in extracurricular activities can relieve academic pressure, enrich life, and broaden horizons. She encouraged everyone to pursue academic achievements while focusing on the quality of life and enjoying every moment of university life. Simin Yu's heartfelt speech triggered the resonance of the teachers and students present. Her sharing demonstrated her personal growth and gains, providing valuable reference and inspiration to fellow students.


Ye Li, the representative of outstanding master's students from France, shared his study experience at HUST. He first introduced himself and the honors he got during his school years. Ye Li received the title of Advanced Individual for International Students and became an ambassador for international student enrollment at HUST. While striving to study, he actively participated in various activities organized by the university. He explained why he chose to come to China from France was that he wanted to deepen his understanding of Chinese culture, appreciate the beautiful scenery of China, broaden his horizons, and embark on unknown explorations. With anticipation, he came to China and enrolled at HUST. In addition, Ye Li shared his learning experiences and insights. He stated that the courses were not challenging, and with long-term effort and dedication, he could complete course exams and achieve good grades. However, the process was challenging, especially the final step of graduation, which involved significant pressure in the form of the graduation project. Ye Li emphasized that success can be achieved as long as one perseveres and puts in continuous effort under the supervisor's guidance. During his speech, Ye Li expressed that his friends and friendships were the most cherished aspect of his study journey in China. He shared stories about the friends he met in China and the activities they participated in together. He joined the university's street dance club, where he gained a group of unforgettable friends and looked forward to meeting them again in France. In the concluding part, Ye Li mentioned that during his journey at HUST, he participated in numerous collective activities to challenge and showcase himself, integrate into campus life, and experience Chinese society. Activities such as the 70th anniversary celebration of the university, annual events for international students, street dance association, campus marathon, singing competitions, and short-distance study trips all had his presence and contributions. Coming to China, he not only obtained a master's degree but also gained valuable experiences made like-minded friends, showed his talents, and enriched his life. He expressed his gratitude for coming to HUST and extended his appreciation for the help from his supervisor, graduate school faculty, class advisors, and assistant advisors for international students.

Jiukang Feng, the outstanding representative of undergraduates from Cambodia, described his study and life in HUST. Due to the pandemic, he studied online in his own country for a long time. As a result, he had limited time at the university and had fewer opportunities to meet with faculty and classmates. However, he maintained contact with everyone and offered to help with study or life-related questions. Jiukang Feng expressed his gratitude to the professors of the School of Computer Science and Technology, the staff of the Academic Affairs Section, and the School of International Education for their patience and diligent guidance. Jiukang Feng also thanked Mr. Zheng Shi and the senior student Bo Hao who served as the class advisor for international undergraduates for their active work. He found the monthly meetings were helpful as they allowed everyone to stay updated on each other's situations and provide necessary assistance. He also encouraged everyone to participate actively in the monthly meetings. Later, he shared some experiences from his undergraduate journey, focusing on credits and the graduation project. Regarding credits, he emphasized the importance of accumulating enough credits and shared some tips on note-taking and exam revision. As for the graduation project, he highlighted the need to pay attention to time management and the requirements of the School and supervisor. He mentioned the importance of analyzing the topic and conducting literature research. He advised students to plan their time reasonably for the subsequent tasks such as translation, literature review, proposal, mid-term evaluation, and defense. Jiukang Feng provided examples based on his own experience this year. He emphasized the areas that require extra attention during the graduation project, such as document formatting, citation of references, and plagiarism check requirements. He advised everyone in the group to pay attention to notifications throughout completing the graduation project. Finally, he expressed his best wishes to the junior students. Jiukang Feng will continue his studies as a master's student under the guidance of Professor Kun He in the School of Computer Science and Technology.

Rongdong Yan, a representative of outstanding international undergraduates from Argentina, spoke on behalf of all international students. He shared his learning experience and expressed warm congratulations and best wishes to the graduating international senior students.

Rongdong Yan greeted the faculty and fellow students present. He stated that graduation marks both the end of a phase and the beginning of a new chapter. First, Rongdong Yan warmly wished the senior students who were about to leave the campus to embrace their new life journey with beautiful memories. Then, he shared his insights into university life. He mentioned that when he first entered university, the pressure of studying and self-doubt put him in a difficult situation.

However, running helped him find a balance between life and study. Through continuous running training, he learned to enjoy the process rather than obsessing over the results. Starting from a three-kilometer run, he eventually participated in the Wuhan Marathon, gradually freeing himself from inner constraints. He emphasized that as long as the first step is taken, the end is no longer far away, and perseverance will lead to the goal. In addition, Rongdong Yan mentioned that he joined the HUST running group, ran with his classmates at East Lake, and trained at the playground, which allowed him to make friends with many different majors and broadened his horizons. He encouraged everyone not to limit themselves to studying but to enrich their university life, cultivate hobbies, make close friends, and even experience a beautiful love story, making their university life colorful. At the end of his sharing, Rongdong Yan recalled his university days, describing the long exam months and the brief moments of running on the playground, interesting classes, cities he visited, budding love, and the anticipation of tomorrow. These moments together composed his unique university life. He hoped everyone could leave unique memories in university and wished the senior students to embark on a new chapter that was even more vibrant than summer.


Other graduates also gave short speeches of 5-10 minutes, sharing their stories of growth and outlook for the future. They recalled the growth process of studying in HUST, from novice first-year students when they first entered the university to mature graduates. They also shared their gains and experiences in the study, club activities, internships, and social practices, describing the experiences of overcoming academic challenges, adapting to new environments, or solving difficulties in life. At the same time, they summarized the knowledge and skills they have learned and the personal qualities they have improved, reflecting on their shortcomings during their university time. They expressed their expectations for continuous improvement in the future. Some students introduced their plans after graduation, such as pursuing further studies, looking for a job, starting a business, and expressing their expectations and goals for their future careers. The graduates' speeches showed their personal growth and bright vision for the future, and they were also full of deep feelings for HUST, the School, faculty, and classmates.

After the special graduation sharing session, all the participants took a group photo before Chairman Mao's statue in front of the No.1 South Building. Then, the students communicated, wished each other well, and exchanged contact information. Throughout the activity, laughter and tears were intertwined, and the friendship between faculty and fellow students was further sublimated at this particular moment. This activity left beautiful memories for the graduates about to leave the university and sent the most sincere blessings for their new journey.

The Regular Meeting of June cum Experience Sharing Session and Graduation Farewell Ceremony came to a successful conclusion with the joint efforts of everyone. "Gathering like a flaring fire, scattering like shining stars." We believe that all the graduates will have a bright future and more brilliant achievements on the road ahead. Every graduate will display their talents and thrive in their fields. They will become the backbone force that knows China, befriends China, loves China, "tells good Chinese stories and spreads the voice of China," promotes friendship between China and other countries, and promotes the development of the "Belt and Road Initiative" and the construction of a community with a shared future for humanity!

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