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My story in China & HUST

time:October 31, 2023 author:Banwawi Zainab Muhi(Zhang ning) edit:SHI Zheng

The School of Computer Science and Technology is the school’s important base department for studying in China. Currently, the school has more than 80 international students from more than 20 countries including France, Belgium, Poland, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Pakistan. The college implements a monthly meeting system for international students, establishes a full-process training progress list for international students, strictly standardizes management, and continues to strengthen management and service quality. Through regular heart-to-heart talks with international students, we can promptly discover various problems, help international students overcome academic and life difficulties, and create an international student training and management system that takes initiative and standardizes management. Organize special activities for international students during traditional Chinese cultural festivals such as the Mid-Autumn Festival, strengthen education on national conditions, and promote the cultivation of an international student group that knows China, is friendly to China, and loves China.

My story in China & HUST

Summary About My Experience in china

As an Iraqi student. I always harbored a fervent aspiration to pursue my academic endeavors in a nation as esteemed and influential as China. This ambition.Has now materialized into a tangible reality as I proudly stand among the esteemed scholars at Huazhong university of science and technology (HUST) in Wuhan China.My hearts swells with immense gratitude for this extraordinary opportunity to immerse myself in the tapestry of Chinese cultural and knowledge in the halls of HUST. Avertable bastion of academic excellence. Resonate with the echoes of brilliant minds engaged in the pursuit of intellectual enlightenment. I constantly inspired by my professors. Whose passion for their respective fields ignites a fervent desire within me to delve deeper into my department. beyond the confines of the classroom,I am captivated by the vibrant tapestry of Chinese culture that permeates every aspect of life in Wuhan I think I am gonna remember every day here also i am profoundly humbled by the warmth and camaraderie extended to me by my fellow students.United by a shared passion for learning and deep-seated respect for the profound knowledge that China has to offer my journey at HUST is ongoing testament to the power of education opportunities that arise when dreams are pursued with unwavering determination. I am eternally grateful for studying in this amazing university.

And that was the first place I visited with my friends and it was so beautiful and the design of place that I had only see it in movies I didn't expect to see it in the real life and these some picture of place.


Where innovation and tradition intertwine to create a truly enriching academic experience, Department of Computer Science and Technology. From the moment I arrived in China with its captivating charm Painted a picturesque landscape leaving mein awe of its beauty. The university warm embrace extended from the airport to the international student campus. where I was greeted by a sympathy of welcoming smiles and friendly faces.my encounter with the university was not merely an institution of learning but self-contained metropolis. Teeming with life and brimming with endless possibilities. The intricate design of the campus with its myriad services and facilities spoke volumes of its architectural ingenuity.

The sheer vastness of the university initially presented a labyrinthine challenge. Leading to several amusing misadventure. I fondly recall one instance where I wandered aimlessly for five hours. Unable to retrace my steps to the dormitory. The  comical  repetition  of  my  circular  route  provided  endless  amusement. Promoting me to jokingly suggest that my family prepare an award for "Chinas most lost person in my honour Despite these navigational hiccups".

The kindness and helpfulness of the people I encountered the way never ceased to amaze me. Their willingness to assist me in times of need filled my heart with gratitude. the professors, too exhibited exceptional dedication and cooperation.

I also visited a place with nature that breathtaking beauty. Majestic mountains above lush valley Serene rivers carve their way through the landscape, reflecting the vibrant colors of the surrounding foliage. And the best thing that we went at the sunset time so the view was amazing China's natural wonders captivate the heart and soul with their simple yet profound beauty.


I also take this picture in front of this beautiful view  and you can see how much I had fun  


 My participation in the national day celebration was an unforgettable cultural immersion.  The  evening  unfolded  as  a  tapestry  of  vibrant  performances. Showcasing the elegance of traditional Chinese attire and the intricate beauty of calligraphy. Sharing this experience with my friends and teachers deepened my appreciation for the rich heritage of China.

I  eagerly  anticipate  immersing  myself  in  more  of  the  university's  diverse activities. particularly those organized by the computer science department.  The allure of the  surrounding  areas  also beckons. Promising  stunning vistas  and breathtaking natural wonders.

In fact, in addition to visiting some places, I participated in a cultural activity representing writing in traditional Chinese script Also, Chinese drawing. I learned that there are four main types of trees in China. I learned how to draw them. It was a very enjoyable experience. I learned a lot about China and its culture. I hope that I can repeat this experience again. And this some picture also this is my chinese name zhang ning .


Although my initial explorations were punctuated by moments of disorientation. They served as a catalyst for unique advantages and deeper appreciation for the beauty of China. I am determined to continue my explorations. Venturing into the heart of Chinese culture and discovering the hidden gems that this remarkable country has to offer.

And in the end, I would like to say thank you very much for your good hospitality.

About the Author

BANWAWI, ZAINAB MUHI FARIS (Zhang Ning), a 2023 master's degree student from the Ministry of Commerce, is from Iraq. Her mentor is Professor Ding Xiaofeng, and his research directions include the design and analysis of massive anonymous graph structures, unstructured data indexing and query processing based on encryption algorithms, etc. Before coming to China to study abroad, she studied computer science and technology at the Iraqi University of Science and Technology and received a bachelor's degree.

"The Ministry of Commerce Scholarship is not only a financial support for me, but also a recognition of my efforts and achievements. It provides me with more opportunities and challenges and provides me with a broad perspective, which makes I am able to come to Wuhan, China, to be exposed to international education and cutting-edge research. I will use this opportunity to work harder to complete my studies. At the same time, I am also very grateful to Teacher Ding for his help and training. He usually inquires about my research progress and gives suggestions and guidance, which points the way for my future research direction. I am very grateful for such an opportunity to study in China, which allowed me to come into contact with many people who have fresh memories and visit many unforgettable scenic spots, which also improved my academic career. Get broadened.”


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