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Gold Medal: SCST’s "Graphbrain Technology" Team Won Gold Medal in the 13th "Challenge Cup" National Competition!

time:April 3, 2023 author: edit:SHI Zheng

From March 17 to 19,

In the 13th "Challenge Cup" of

Chinese college Student Entrepreneurship Plan Competition,

The national finals ended successfully in the Beijing Institute of Technology.

"Graphbrain Technology" team of School of Computer Science and Technology, HUST

Won the gold medal!

[Award-winning project] Graphbrain Technology: Leader of high-performance software and hardware
collaborative concurrent graph computing system

Project profile

The Graph in graph computation is an abstract data structure, which can effectively express the correlation between things and is the basis of data analysis and application. Graph computing technology is the core technology for analyzing the correlation graph of things, and it is one of the mainstream models of big data processing. It can be widely used in many fields, such as e-commerce, social governance, power grid analysis, pharmaceutical, materials, breeding, and genes. For example, we are familiar with financial anti-fraud analysis and merchant brushing behavior identification. In recent years, it has become a key technology for governments and companies to compete for, and it is at the forefront of science and technology in academia and industry. With the new situation and new requirements of the development of digital economy, the large scale of graph data and the high complexity of graph algorithms make high-performance graph computing face great challenges. The team worked hard for many years, put forward four core technologies creatively, broke through the existing difficulties, and developed the first product for concurrent graph computing-- high-performance software and hardware collaborative concurrent graph computing system, which was named "Graphbrain". Compared with the existing mainstream Graph computing system, the performance of concurrent Graph computing has been greatly improved. In Graph 500 and Green Graph 500, the performance and performance power ratio has successively ranked the first in the world, and the performance of a single computer in the graph computing field has surpassed that of supercomputer for the first time in the world, winning a series of champion awards.

Supervisors: Yu Zhang, Lin Gu, Jin Li, Peng Liu

Team members: Zhiying Huang, Jin Zhao, Hui Yu, Da Peng, Qiange Shen, Shijun Li, Yujian Liao, Donghao He, Yuqi Xiao, Jiangnan Xu, Yandi Hu, Yuxin Chen

At the closing meeting, Zhiying Huang, leader of the "Graphbrain Technology" team of our School,
presented the project as one of the representatives of the three national gold medal projects.

Tournament review

The "Challenge Cup" Chinese college Student Entrepreneurship Plan Competition has been held every two years since it was first held in 1999. So far, 13 competitions have been successfully held. As one of the most concerned national entrepreneurship competitions for Chinese college students, this competition attracted a total of 3,011 universities and 1.424 million college students from 32 provinces and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan to participate in the competition, applying for 330,000 innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and over 3 million people participated in the same period. Finally, 154 gold award works, 309 silver award works, and 1,079 bronze award works were selected in the competition.

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