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Appreciate HUST architecture on your fingertips

time:October 11, 2022 author:Yutao Cao edit:Shengyuan Ma, Andrew, Yumeng Peng

If architecture is a song suspended in time, the history of HUST is a poem echoing through the ages.

Take a bird's eye view of HUST,

Behold its numerous streams and blocks

Delight in its rich green canopy,

admire the reflection of its hills and ponds

Every corner and every scene

best owing features distinct and unique

Arising from its edifice

Beyond the statue that stands before your eyes,

proud, enduring the sands of time

Behind the statue of Mao, stands our South No.1 Building, which was initially completed in the 1950s by the first HUSTers. Assisted by specialists from the former Soviet Union, all its details display Soviet features. Although half a century has passed, the building serves as a telltale microcosm of an era of massive Socialist construction.

With the help of our illustrious alumni, here stands the revered home of HUST'sSchool of Management, School of Economics, and School of Public Administration. Fueled by the stories of the HUSTers of old, it awaits the tales of the students to come.

The West No.12 Building, famous for its labyrinthine structure, occasionally causes someone to lose their bearings. When it was originally finished, it was the largest teaching building in Asia, holding more than 18,000 people. For all the commentary it might receive, it has attracted generations of HUSTers to study it, inspiring them from the first rays of the sun, to the depths of the night.

Set your eyes upon the Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center where world records are set and the global community watches with awe. Its curved exterior wall resembles a charged particle, spinning in a magnetic field. Autumn paints its leaves and lawns gold reflecting the success of its talent within.

On many a silent night at the foot of Yujia Mountain, the commitment to worldwide knowledge continues. Due to the many decades of dedication by HUST, the most accurate value of gravity is calculated even when confronted by poor conditions. Now, this process has been enhanced even further by the recent completion of the High-Precision Gravity Measurement Center. Featuring modern designs, the center provides the most advanced equipment and facilities, enabling HUSTers to continue to fulfill their dreams by pursuing the truth of the world.

Reminiscent of the letter 'W' from above, the School of Optical and Electronic Information represents the heart of innovation in optics valley. The building's elaborately designed windows and blinds add to its distinctive sense of layer and rhythm, and the equation presented by its façadeis synonymous with the scientific spirit of HUST.

The soaring water tower is resplendent with plants, just like Tongji Medical College, where it is situated. As time goes by, the tide of life never ceases and the water in the tower represents the minutia of every deed performed by the medical students, teachers and doctors that have flowed through the college. Their collective and individual achievements are preserved and honored, held aloft for all to see. The students, faculty and alumni of Tongji Medical College have devoted themselves to their vocations and patients and have been indispensable to many a life, never more so than during the pandemic.

Taiwan Pavilion, another picturesque spot on the HUST campus, is the perfect place to come to soothe the nerves and reflect on your day. Immerse yourself in its silence and the gentle lapping of its water, feel the lotus fragrance, listen to the fish, sip a warm cup of tea, take a moment... to rest… and breathe… embracing… tranquility.

Built recently, Wutongyu Academic Exchange Center is an elegant complex. Its harmonious red brick exterior houses bookstores, cafes, and even a fitness center. Serving as another refuge and corner of peace it accommodates fairytale-Esque cottages and Chinese parasols. In addition, it has held many significant meetings and forged relationships that have securedHUST'sbond to the world.

Zisong Student Activity Centerushersus into a building that is more industrial in style. Distinguished by a slight punk aesthetic, its architecture will be etched in your mind long after you've left.

Finally, here comesHUST'smost beloved building -- our main library. Asapalace of knowledge, its facade resembles the bookcases within; storing a vast array of knowledge for all subjects and disciplines, chronicling every minute of our efforts to pursue the truth. Subject to all seasons and weathering many a storm, it stands proud, unmarked by the most scorching sun, or the most biting wind, watching us as we weave in and out of its shelves, guiding us on our journey to our better selves.

Source:Theofficial WeChat Account of HUST

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