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Spring knocks on the door of HUST

time:October 9, 2022 author:Cao Yutao edit:Andrew, Luo Xin, Peng Yumeng

Mar 9, 2021

A time of virus is bleak and cold,

Yet in creeps spring to the HUSTer’s world.

Stretching its way to the teaching building,

Pink and white magnolias blooming.

Petals delicate, soft and bright,

A glimpse of them sends anxiety in flight.

Quietly her buds unfurl in silence,

Slipping into our noses their subtle fragrance.

As the flowers sway in the breeze,

Retreating is the loathsome disease.

Hence HUSTers return to further our study,

Enveloped in warmth we continue our journey.

Worry not, those with distant pursuits,

Like magnolia flowers, dreams always bear fruits.

Let’s appreciate the seas of magnolia flowers and the pleasant spring weather at HUST through the following pictures.

Photo by: Cheng Runwen

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