Parallel and distributed computing has offered the opportunity of solving a wide range of computationally intensive problems by increasing the computing power of computer systems. Although important improvements have been achieved in this field in the last 30 years, there are still many important challenges. They arise from several broad areas, such as the design of parallel systems and scalable interconnects, the evolution of computer architectures, and the development of algorithms and applications. Now, we are focusing on the architecture, system software, resource management and applications about parallel and distributed computing. The research area involves cloud platform based on virtualization, real-time massive data processing, resource management in datacenters, resource scheduling on multi/many cores, Embedded and Pervasive Computing, in-memory computing, data-centric computing and so on.

Research Areas are Cloud platform and datacenter resource management, System-level and OS-level virtualization, In-memory computing system based on NVM, Programming model and runtime system, Big data processing system, Intelligent and Distributed Computing, Embedded and Pervasive Computing for IoT.