Xu Li Ping

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Academic Areas:Software Engineering

Research Interests:

Xu, liping is an associate Professor and Vice Chair of the Department of Computer Science at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China. After obtaining Bachelor’s (1985) and PhD’s (2005) degrees, Liping have been teaching a number of computer science courses and conducting research in the area of information management systems.

Academic Degrees*

Ph.D. in Software and Theory of Computer,  Huazhong University of Science and Technology, P. R. China,2005;

M.E. in Computer Application Specialty, Wuhan University, P. R. China, 1995

B.E in Geophysical well logging, Yangtze University , P. R. China,1985

Professional Experience*

  • Aug. 1995 to Present  Associate professor,  in School of Computer Science and Technology Huazhong University of Science and Technology,P. R. China

  • Aug. 1986 to Aug. 1992  teaching assistant , Department of geophysics,Yangtze University , P. R. China

Selected Publications*

  • Liping Xu, Samat Eli,Haiyin Xu. A Method of Focused Crawling for Software Components, 2011 International Conference on Transportation and Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Changchun, China,26-27 Deember 2011. 

  • Liping Xu, Yufei Ren. Bichon: A New Component-Oriented Programming Language,2010 second WRI World congress on Software Engineering. Wuhan,China 19-20 December 2010, 75-79

  • Liping Xu, Xiaohui Su.FpSp:A new method for Web Extraction.2010 3rd International Conference on Computer and Electrical Engineering,Chengdu,China 16-18 November 2010, 184-187 

  • Liping Xu, Yansheng Lu,Gang Yuan,Jun Liu. Research on Dynamic Priority Based Reflective Middleware for Data Replication.Computer Science (Chinese Version) ,2008,35(9) ISSN1002-137X

  • Liping Xu, Xuan Wang, Yansheng Lu.Dynamic flexibility and reflective scheduling model with self-adaptive characteristic. Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology(Nature Science), 2007,32(2)

  • Liping Xu,Qingping Xu,Peng Pan.Incremental Group Nearest Neighbor Query Method in Moving Objects.Computer Engineering,2008,34(2) ISSN 1000-3428

  • Liping Xu, Xiongbing Jin. Design and Realization of a Parallel Query Optimizer.Computer Engineering And Science(Chinese Version),2007,29(2)  ISSN 1007-130X

  • Liping Xu, Xianjiao Sun, Yansheng Lu.Grid Authorization Method Based on Resource State and Role Access Control. Computer Engineering(Chinese Version),2007,33(22) ISSN 1000-3428

  • Liping Xu, Jun Li, Yansheng Lu.3MDG: Grid Metadata Management Model Based on Dynamic Balanceable Placement. Computer Engineering(Chinese Version),2007,33(22) ISSN 1000-3428

  • Liping Xu, Hongwei Jia, Yansheng LU.RTCS: A Method of Real-Time Component Specification with Precise Semantisc, Computer Science (Chinese Version) ,2005 32(8) ISSN 1002-137X

  • Liping Xu,Hui Zhang.Integration Method of the Software Component with Performance Constraints,Journal of Information & Computational Science 1:3(2004) 375-379  ISSN 1548-7741

Working Papers*

Selected Cases

Awards and Honors

1983   Excellent Student Award, Yangtze University , P. R. China 2006   The quality of teaching the second prize,Huazhong University of Science and Technology, P. R. China 2005      Undergraduate course graduation design best paper guiding the first

Courses Taught

Principles of Compiler Curriculum Design ofPrinciples of Compiler Principles of  Database System


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