Xu Xiang Yang



Academic Areas:Computer Application

Research Interests:

  • Xiangyang Xu is an Associate Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). The main research field lie in the area of image processing and analysis, pattern recognition and machine learning. Recently, he has participated 3 projects from National Science Foundation, several projects from 863 Hi-tech project, International Science and Technology Cooperation and National Science-technology support Plan. He has published more than 50 scientific papers in international or Chinese journals and conferences, and he obtained the first, second and third prizes of Hubei Science and Technology Progress Award, respectively. He received the title of National Excellent Courses for teaching Assembly language programming

Academic Degrees*

PhD in Computer Software and Theory, 2010, School of Computer Science and Technology (CS), HUST;

MS Computer Software and Theory, 1991, CS, HUST.

BS Computer Software and Theory, 1988, CS, HUST.

Professional Experience*

Associate Professor (1999-present), HUST

Lecturer (1994-1998), HUST

Teaching Assistant (1991-1993); HUST

Selected Publications*

  • A robust and accurate center-frequency estimation (RACE) algorithm for improving motion estimation performance of SinMod on tagged cardiac MR images without known tagging parameters,Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2014, 32 (9) : 1139-1155

  • Unsupervised color–texture segmentation based on multiscale quaternion Gabor filters and splitting strategy. Signal Processing, 2013, 93(9) : 2559-2572

  • Quaternion-based impulse noise removal from color video sequences. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 2013, 23(5) : 741-755

  • Dynamic programming in parallel boundary detection with application to ultrasound intima-media segmentation. Medical Image Analysis. 2013, 17 (8): 892–906

  • Ultrasound intima–media segmentation using Hough transform and dual snake model, Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, 2012, 36(3) :248-258

  • Automatic Left Ventricle Segmentation in Cardiac MRI Using Topological Stable-State Thresholding and Region Restricted Dynamic Programming. Academic Radiology. 2012, 19(6): 723-73

  • Improved direction estimation for Di Zenzo’s multichannel image gradient operator. Pattern Recognition,2012, 45(12): 4300-4311

  • Characteristic analysis of Otsu threshold and its applications .Pattern Recognition Letters, 2011, 32(7), 956-961

  • Fissures Segmentation Using Surface Features: Content-based Retrieval for Mammographic Mass Using Ensemble Classifier, Academic Radiology, 2011, 18(12) : 1475-1484

  • Color impulsive noise removal based on quaternion representation and directional vector order-statistics, Signal Processing, 2011, 91: 1249 – 1261

Working Papers*

Selected Cases

Awards and Honors

3D stereo vision image workstation , The 42nd annual international invention exhibition, the silver medal, 2014 Quantitative analysis system of medical image characteristics, Science and technology progress prize in hubei province, The third prize,

Courses Taught

Assembly language programming Object-oriented programming Application and technology of digital image processing Biomedical Image Processing


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