Tang Xue Ming



Academic Areas:Information Security

Research Interests:

Xueming Tang is an associate professor of school of Computer Science at Huazhong University of Science and Technology(H.U.S.T.). His research spans number theory and cryptography, storage encryption of database, network security, information system security, information classified security protection, construction and evaluation of system security.

Academic Degrees*

PhD in Computer Software and Theory,  H.U.S.T.

MA of Science in Number Theory and Cryptography , Wuhan University

BA of Science in Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics  ,   Wuhan University

Professional Experience*

1998.7- present

School of Computer Science, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Selected Publications*

In Chinese

[1]Chen Liang, Tian Miaomiao, Tang Xueming, Cui Yongquan. Forgery Attacks on a Series of ID-based Threshold Proxy Signature Schemes [J]. Computer Science,2012,10:73-77.
[2]Xu Peng, Cui Guohua, Lei Fengyu, Tang Xueming, Chen Jing. An Efficient and Provable Secure IBE Scheme Under the Standard Model [J]. Chinese Journal of Computers, 2010,02:335-344.
[3] HSU ChingFang, TANG XueMing, CHENG Qi , XIAO HaiJun. Multipartite Matroids and Secret Sharing. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2010, 24:2438-2444.
[4] Xu Peng, Cui Guohua, Fu Cai, Tang Xueming. A More Efficient IBE Scheme with  Constraining the Third Party under DL Hypothesis [J]. Scientia Sinica:informationis, 2010,02:285-297.
[5]Feng Xuebin, Hong Fan, Tang Xueming, Cui Yongquan. Improved Fine-grained Mandatory Access Control Model for XML Document [J]. , Journal of Chinese Computer System , 2009, 06:1043-1048.
[6]Cui Yongquan, Hong Fan, Fu Cai, Tang Xueming. On an Administrative Usage Control Model for Multi-Subject and Multi-Direction Access Control[J]. Computer Engineering and Science, 2008,03:130-132+152.
[7]Wang Xiaofei, Cui Guohua, Li Jun, Tang Xueming. A Probabilistic Public Key Cryptosystem with a Message Expansion of 1 [J]. Computer Science , 2007,01:117-119.
[8]Wang Xiaofei, Hong Fan, Tang Xueming, Cui Guohua. Real Symmetric Bilinear Functions and Fast Multiplication of Multi-precision Integers [J]. Computer Science,2007,06:92-97.
[9]Tang Xueming, Hong Fan, Cui Guihua. A Public Key Encryption Algorithm on Braid Groups[J]. Journal of Software, 2007,03:722-729.
[10] Tang Xueming, Hong Fan, Cui Guihua. New Braid Intractable Problems and Cryptographical Applications [J] . Journal of Computer Research and Development 2006,07:1246-1251.
[11]Tang Xueming ,Hong Fan,Cui Guohua, Wang Xiaofei. An Improved Key Agreement Protocol on Braid Groups[J]. Computer Science, 2006, 08:121-125.
[12]Tang Xueming. Research on the Public key Cryptosystem on Braid Groups and the Techniques of Quantum Cryptanalysis [D]. Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2006.


In English

[1]TANG Xueming , WANG Xiaofei , HONG Fan , CUI Guohua. New Public Key Cryptosystems from Combinatorial Group Theory. Wuhan University Journal of Natural Sciences, 2006,11(05),1267-1270
[2]HSU ChingFang, TANG XueMing, CHENG Qi , XIAO HaiJun. Multipartite Matroids and Secret Sharing. Chinese Science Bulletin, Science China Press & Springer,2010, 3261-3266
[3]Bing Zeng, Christophe Tartary, Peng Xu, Jiandu Jing, Xueming Tang. A Practical Framework for t-Out-of-n Oblivious Transfer With Security Against Covert Adversaries. IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security (7): 465-479 (2012)


Working Papers*

Selected Cases

Awards and Honors

SQY02 Database Encryption System: Award for the Progress in Science and Technology in Cryptography, the second prize ( provincial and ministerial level)

Courses Taught

Mathematics of Information Security Theory of Cryptography Information Theory and Coding Theory of Access Control Design and Practice of Information Security


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