Ma Guang Zhi

Phone:+86(027) 8779-2212

Academic Areas:Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence

Research Interests:

A member of computer society of China , Guangzhi Ma is the associate professor of computer science in computer school of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). His research spans Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and Net Computing. He focuses on research such as: How to select or extract features from data to build accurate decision making systems? How to cluster data such as texts and images into proper groups? How to speed up machine learning process by the use of computers in network or Graphic Process Units? He gains his master degree and Ph.D of Computer Science both in HUST. He published 3 books and 45 more papers, and won the second-class award of Science and Technology Progress of Hubei Province for two times.

Academic Degrees*

PhD in Computer Science, 2009, Computer School of HUST;

Master of Computer Science, 1988, Computer School of HUST;

Bachelor of Computer Science, 1985, Dalian University of Sci. and Tec.

Professional Experience*

Selected Publications*

[1] Qaisar Abbas, M.E. Celebi, Carmen Serrano, Irene FondónGarcía, Guangzhi Ma. PatternClassification of Dermoscopy Images: A Perceptually Uniform Model. PatternRecognition [J], 2013, 46: 86-97.

[2] Guang-Zhi MaEngmin SongChih-Cheng HungLi SuDong-Shan Huang. Multiple CostsBased Decision Making with Back-propagation Neural Networks. Decision SupportSystems [J], 2012, 52(3): 657-663. 

[3] EnminSong, Dongshan Huang, Guangzhi Ma*,Chih-Cheng Hung. Semi-Supervised Multi-Class AdaBoost by Exploring UnlabeledData. Expert Systems with Applications [J], 2011, 38(6): 6720-6726. doi: 10.1016 /j.eswa.2010.11.062 

[4]  Edward Jung, Chih-Cheng Hung, Guangzhi Ma, Seonho Choi: The investigation of the structural properties of machines for the design of secure and trustworthy systems. RACS 2011: 261-265
[5] Edward Jung, Chih-Cheng Hung, Guangzhi Ma, Seonho Choi: A unified design method utilizing decomposability and composability for secure systems. RACS 2011: 272-276

[6] XiaolinChen, Enmin Song, Guangzhi Ma,Chih-Cheng Hung. A Dynamic Classifier with Adaptive Cost Optimization.iNFORMATION [J], 2010,13(1): 199-215.  

[7] YanpingYang, Guangzhi Ma*. Ensemble-basedActive Learning for Class Imbalance Problem. Journal of Biomedical Science andEngineering [J], 2010, Vol.3, No.10: 1022-1029

[8] Guangzhi Ma, YanshengLu, Peng Wen*, Engmin Song. A Novel Attribute Reduction Algorithm Based on Peer-to-peerTechnique and Rough Set Theory.  In 2010 IEEE/ICME International Conference onComplex Medical Engineering(CME)[C], Gold Coast, Oct, 2010,  p. 265-269

[9] XiaolinChen, Enming Song, Guangzhi Ma*. AnAdaptive Cost-sensitive Classifier. Proceedings of ICCAE 2010 [C],p.699-702

[10] YanpingYang, Enmin Song, Guangzhi Ma*. HierarchicalExploration Based Active Learning with Support Vector Machine. International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Natural Computing [C], 2010: 99-302 

[11] Yanping Yang, Enmin Song, Guangzhi Ma*, Ming Li. A Method to Enhance the Efficiencyof Markov Blanket for BN in Medical Diagnosis. Proceedings 2009 IEEE InternationalConference on Intelligent Computing and Intelligent Systems [C]: 411-416

[12] Ma Guangzhi, LuYansheng, Song Enmin, Zhang Wei. Introducing Gene Clusters into A P2P Based TSPSolving Algorithm. Proceedings of the 2009 World Congress on Computer Science andInformation Engineering [C], Los Angeles/Anaheim, USA, March 31 – April 2, 2009, 795–799

[13] Dongshan HuangEnmin Song, Guangzhi Ma, Huirong ZhanChih-Cheng Hung. A New Cross-trainingApproach by Using Labeled Data. SAC 2009[C]: 941-942

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