Shi Ke


Academic Areas:wireless network, Internet of things,intelligent control, industrial informatics

Research Interests:

Dr. Ke Shi is the Full Professor of School of Computer Science and Technology at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He pursues research on wireless network, Internet of things, intelligent control and industrial informatics. He focuses on principles, techniques and tools that enable one to build and deploy distributed applications over large-scale networked embedded systems, such as ad hoc and sensor networks, cyber-physical systems, and internet of things, to embedded sense and intelligence everywhere, and finally build dependable system to improve the daily business and life. His Research is funded by NSFC, MOST and other agencies. He is an author of many technical papers and holds several patents in the fields of wireless networks, Internet of things, and intelligent control.

Academic Degrees*

PhD, Engineering, 2001, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

BA, Engineering, 1994, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Professional Experience*

Full Professor (2008-present): School of Computer Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,

Associate Professor (2002-2008): School of Computer Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,

Visiting Associate Professor (2003-2004): School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University,

Lecturer (2000-2002): School of Computer Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Selected Publications*

  • Hongsheng Chen, Ke Shi*, Topology Control for Predictable Delay-Tolerant Networks based on Probability, Ad Hoc Networks, Volume 24, Part A, January 2015, Pages 147–159


  • Ke Shi*, Hongsheng Chen, Yao Lin, Probabilistic Coverage based Sensor Scheduling for Target Tracking Sensor Networks, Information Sciences, Volume 292, 20 January 2015, Pages 95–110


  • Ke Shi*, Hongsheng Chen, RHPMAN: Replication in Highly Partitioned Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, Volume 2014


  • Azhar Mahmood, Ke Shi* and Mi Xiao, Data Mining Techniques forWireless Sensor Networks: A Survey, International Journal of Distributed SensorNetworks, Volume 2013


  • Hai-Yin Xu, Li’an Hu,Tam HoHon-yuen, Ke Shi, Liping Xu, A novel kinematic model for five-axis machine tools and its CNC applications, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, July 2013,Vol. 67,Issue 5-8, pp 1297-1307


  • Ke Shi. Semi-probabilistic routing in intermittently connected mobile ad hoc networks, Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 26 No. 5, pp. 1677-1693,September 2010


  • Ke Shi and Yan Dong. Optimizing self-organizing overlay network using evolutionary approach. Neural Computing & Applications, Volume: 17, Issue: 2,Pages: 129-138, May 2008


  • Yunqing Rao, Peigen Li, Xinyu Shao, Ke Shi. Agile manufacturing system control based on cell re-configuration. International Journal of Production Research. 2006,10(44):1881-1905

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Operating Systems and Practicum Commination in Internet of Things Embedded Operating Systems


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