Lu Zhi Peng

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Academic Areas: Computer Software and Theory

Research Interests:

Zhipeng LU is the Full Professor of Computer Software and Theory at Huazhong University of Science & Technology. His research focuses on the interface between artificial intelligence, computer science and operations research; computational intelligence, green computing, and the solution of large-scale combinatorial search problems and on the design of effective heuristic and metaheuristic methods for practical applications. Specifically, he studies intelligent algorithms such as Tabu Search, Iterated Local Search, Memetic Algorithm, Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm, Scatter Search, GRASP, Path-Relinking, Hybrid Exact/Heuristic Methods, etc. He also studies various classical NP-Hard problems, including SAT, CSP, Graph Coloring, TSP, Unconstrained Binary Quadratic Programming.


His work has been featured in International Conferences (EvoCOP,  MIC, PPSN) and Journals (Annals of Operations Research, Applied Soft Computing, European J. of Operational Research, Computers & Operations Research, 4OR, Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, J. of Heuristics). His work with his co-authors has been recognized by several awards (Bronze Medal at the Nurse Rostering Competition 2010, Silver Medal at the PATAT-WATT 2007 ITC Competition) and received multiple citations. His work includes more than 40 peer-reviewed publications in international journals, book chapters and conference proceedings in the fields of Metaheuristics, Evolutionary Computation, Combinatorial Optimization, and Artificial Intelligence. His current H-Index in Google Scholar is: 11.


He has supervised and worked on several real world applications including traffic grooming and wavelength assignment in optical network planning, integrated airport resource scheduling, aircraft landing scheduling, multimedia delivery on 4G mobile wireless network and so on. He has initiated a number of large R&D projects including an NSFC (2012-2014 and 2014-2017). He is involved in several international collaboration programs, in particular with France, Canada, Germany and USA.

Academic Degrees*

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Selected Publications*

  • Zhipeng Lü*, Fred Glover and Jin-Kao Hao. Neighborhood Combination for Unconstrained Binary Quadratic Programming Problems,  In M. Caserta and S. Voss (Eds.):  MIC-2009 Post-Conference Book, Chapter 4, pages 49-61, 2010.

  • Bo Peng, Zhipeng Lü*, Edwin Cheng. A Tabu Search/Path Relinking Algorithm to Solve the Job Shop Scheduling Problem. Computers & Operations Research. 53, 154-164, 2015. (IF: 1.769Elsevier©)  PDF

  • Hongyun Xu, Zhipeng Lü*, Aihua Yin, Liji Shen, Udo Buscher. A Study of Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms for Single-machine Scheduling with Sequence-dependent Setup Times. Computers & Operations Research. 50, 47-60, 2014.(IF: 1.769Elsevier©)  PDF

  • T.C.E. Cheng, Bo Peng and Zhipeng Lü*. A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm to Solve the Job Shop Scheduling Problem. Annals of Operational Research. Doi: 10.1007/s10479-013-1332-5, 2014. (IF: 0.840Springer©)  PDF

  • Yang Wang, Jin-Kao Hao, Fred Glover, Zhipeng Lü. A tabu search based memetic algorithm for the maximum diversity problem.Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 27, 103-114, 2014. (IF: 1.625Elsevier©)  PDF

  • Hongyun Xu, Zhipeng Lü*, Edwin Cheng. Iterated Local Search for Single-machine Scheduling with Sequence-dependent Setup Times to Minimize Total Weighted Tardiness. Journal of SchedulingDOI: 10.1007/s10951-013-0351-z, 2014. (IF: 1.051Springer©)  PDF

  • Zhuo Wang, Zhipeng Lü*, Tao Ye. Local Search Algorithms for Solving Large Scale Load Balance Problem in Cloud Computing, Science China (F) (In Chinese), 2014  PDF

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  • Xiangjing Lai and Zhipeng Lü*. Multistart Iterated Tabu Search for Bandwidth Coloring Problem. Computers & Operations Research. 40, 1401-1409, 2013. (IF: 1.769Elsevier©)  PDF

  • Zhanghua Fu, Wenqi Huang and Zhipeng Lü. Iterated Tabu Search for the Circular Open Dimension Problem. European Journal of Operational Research. 225(2), 236-243, 2013. (IF: 2.158Elsevier©)  PDF

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  • Zhipeng L, Jin-Kao Hao and Fred Glover. Neighborhood Analysis: a Case Study on Curriculum-based Course Timetabling, Journal of Heuristics, 17(2): 97-118, 2010. (IF: 1.623Springer©)  PDF

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Working Papers*

Tao Ye, Wenqi Huang, Zhipeng Lü*. Iterated Tabu Search for Packing Unequal Circles in a Circle. (revised) PDF Xiangjing Lai and Zhipeng Lü*, Jin-Kao Hao and Fred Glover. A TS/Path Relinking Algorithm for Bandwidth Coloring Problem. (under review) PDF Ta

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New Century High-Talents Program, Department of Education, December, 2012 Google ROOADEF/EURO Challenge 2012, 15th out of 82 teams from 26 countries, July 2012 Hong Kong Scholars Program, China, August 2011 The 10th Young Scholar Prize of Operations Re

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