Hu Guan Rong


Academic Areas:Computer Science

Research Interests:

  Huguanrong is a vice professor  at College of Computer Science and Technology(HUST). His research is mainly on embedded system and real-time systems.Recent Projects include Embedded Linux System,Embedded Graphics System and Embedded Browser etc.

Academic Degrees*

ME Computer Science, 1995,  College of Computer Science and Technology at HUST.

BE Math Science, 1992,  Math department  at AnHui Normal University.

Professional Experience*

At HUST since 1995,

vice professor(2002-present); College of Computer Science and Technology at HUST.

Selected Publications*

  • Cache design and implementation of embedded browser:Computer Engineering and Design,2005,Vol. 26, No. 12

  • Research and implementation of table technique in embedded browser:Computer Engineering and Design,2004,Vol. 25, No. 10

  • An Embedded Browser Interaction Model:Computer Engineering & Science,2004,Vol. 26, No. 12

  • An Advancced Electronic Pay Protocol:Computer Engineering & Science,2007,Vol. 29, No. 2

Working Papers*

Selected Cases

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Courses Taught

Embedded Operating System Principles of Operating System


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