At Sep. 21st, 2016, a beautiful autumn day during the National Cyber-security Promotion Week, the "CCF Entering HUST" Speech was in full swing in Room 219, West Five Teaching Building. Senior experts and entrepreneurs has been organized by the China Computer Federation to make free speeches for college students. It’s aimed at helping college students upgrading their professional capabilities and instructing them to make a good blueprint for their life and career. It has been held in more than 300 colleges so far.

Executive Director of China Computer Federation, Smart Star company's Chief Strategy Officer, Managing Director of China Internet, Professor Pan Zhuting made a lecture named "security intelligence and the mind", which presided by Zou Deqing, the Vice President of School of Computer Science. More than 100 students and teachers are attracted by the lecture. This speech was focused on three questions: What is the essence of network security? How should students of information security accumulate their knowledge? And how to make plan for their career? In addition, the functions of the CCF, obligations and rights of the CCF members are also introduced. During the communication period after the speech, teachers and students talked a lot about their views and experience. Through this activity, we learned more about network security, especially its importance and bright future, and we began to know that the government is paying more attention to it, which provides a new prospective for teachers and students when they are doing their research and study and helps a lot for their career.

Joining in CCF to visit and apply online. The contributions are 200 Yuan/year for the full jop, and 50 Yuan/year for student. Members can receive digital journals organized by the federation for free. Moreover, you will be provided a competitive price for publishing at 13 society journals organized by our federation and get discount for attending meetings organized by our federation.