In the morning of June 16th, Professor Gao Guangrong of University of Delaware and Professor Jiang Hong of American UTA University brought two wonderful academic report at National Laboratory for optoelectronics A301 room to our students.

Professor Gao Guangrong on the topic of "several open problems of big data system software front firstly introduces the development history of high performance parallel computing, and then analyzes the high performance computing and big data development and application is facing three major" gap "(Gap), which is large scale computing and big data between ecological system divide data with useful knowledge and discover the gap between knowledge and real economic benefit caused by the gap between the three and the radical gap put forward opinions and suggestions. Finally, he also made deep learning in Turing computable in terms of the number of open questions.

Professor Wang Jiang's report entitled "Providing Computer SystemsSupport for Big Data", he describes nearly two years of data explosion in the report, in recent years the data produced has accounted for 90% of global data, we have ushered in the era of big data, which brings us both opportunities and challenges. Then, he analyzed the opportunities and challenges in the field of computer and system storage research, and put forward some feasible solutions based on the related research work of his research team.