Associate Professor

Phone: (027) 87543529


Academic Areas: Data Mining, Performance Evaluation

Research Interests:

Xia Xie is the Associate Professor at Services Computing Technique and System Lab, Cluster and Grid Computing Lab, School of Computer Science and Technology. She focuses on research field such as: data mining for Big Data, performance test or evaluation. Xia teaches several courses including Operating System, Data Structure, Algorithms and Data Compress.


Academic Degrees

PhD in Computer System Architecture 2006

Professional Experience

At HUST since 1998​

Working Papers

  • Xibin Wang, Xia Xie, Hai Jin, Xuanhua Shi, Xijiang Ke,”A disk bandwidth allocation mechanism with priority”,Journal of Supercomputing, pp 686-699, 2013

  • Xia Xie, Haiou Jiang, Hai Jin, Wenzhi Cao, Pingpeng Yuan, Laurence Tianruo Yang,”Metis: A profiling toolkit based on the virtualization of hardware performance counters”,Journal of Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences (HCIS), 2012

  • Xia Xie, Jie Cao, Hai Jin, Xijiang Ke, Wenzhi Cao, “JRBridge: A Framework for Large-Scale Statistical Computing in R”,Proceeding of 2012 IEEE Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference, Guilin, China, pp:27-34, 2012

  • Xia Xie, Haiqing Zhu, Wenzhi Cao, Hai Jin, Pingpeng Yuan, “I/O Scheduling by Using Multi-network Interfaces of Virtualization System”, Proceeding of the 6th International Conference on Frontier of Computer Science and Technology (FCTS2011), Nov. 26-18, Changsha ,China

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