Storage Technologies and Systems

Intro.: The storage system is an important part of the computer system and plays a vital role in the performance of the entire system. The storage wall is more and more severe especially in the era of big data. With the continuous rising of storage demands and the booming of new storage device technology, the new computer architecture with characteristics of computing and storage merging and storage systems based on NVM devices become our focus. 

Storage Technologies and Systems Institute, also the data storage system key laboratory of the Ministry of Education of China and the Education Ministry’s Engineering Research Center for Data Storage Systems and Technology, has over 40 faculty members including 2 Chang Jiang Chair scholars, 2 Chang Jiang scholars, and 2 “Talent of the New Century” scholars. With over 40 years of history in data storage research since 1974, our institute is the nation’s key  research and educational center in storage system and architecture area. Recent accomplishments of our institute include winning over 40 research contracts and grants such as 973, 863, NSFC Key projects, regular projects, etc, cultivating many high quality graduate students, receiving many national/provincial research awards, entering the finalist of international storage challenge of SC06, publishing over 500 technical papers and filing over 120 patents.

Contact: Prof. Fang Wang,


Cao Qiang Zeng Ling Fang Chen Jia Zhong Chen Jian Xi Chen Jin Cai Fan Hua Bin Feng Dan Guo Hong Xing
Hu Di Qing Hu Yu Chong Hua Yu Huang Jian Zhong Li Chun Hua Li Guo Kuan Li Jie Qiong Li Rong
Liu Jing Ning Liu Shao Yun Lu Ping Qin Lei Hua Shi Zhan Sun Wei Ping Tan Zhi Peng Tan Zhi Hu
Tong Wei Wan Ji Guang Wan Sheng Gang Wang Fang Wang Hai Wei Wang Hua Wu Fei Xia Tao
Xiao Liang Xie Yu Lai Xie Chang Sheng Xu Wei Yao Jie Zhou Ke    


Research area:

1.  Parallel data storage system, networked storage, and software-defined distributed storage technologi

2.  Cloud storage and its key technologies including storage virtualization, data de-duplication etc

3.  High density magnetic recording theory, system and hard disk media technologies including next gener

4.  High reliability and availability data storage focusing on data protection and disaster recovery

5.  Non-volatile memory/storage technologies including PCRAM and flash memory solid-state storage integr