Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence

The rapid development of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data bring great opportunities and challenges to the recognition, analysis and retrieval of multimedia. We focus on conducting researches on multimedia intelligent recognition, semantic understanding, processing, and retrieval, trying to solve the key technical problems in the applications of multimedia big data in various industries. Combining with the deep fusion with brain science, biomedicine, mathematics, and automatics, we are also focusing on the research of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and human-machine interaction, to shrink the gap between the real world and the virtual world. In details, we mainly focus on medical image processing and equipment, image/video retrieval, near-duplicate detection, video intelligent analysis, person re-identification, face recognition, OCR, gait recognition, image recognition, content security, video-based industrial measurement, VR/AR/MR, deep learning, computer vision and so on.

Contact: Prof. Hefei Ling,


F Feng Qi          
G Guan Tao          
H He Yun Feng Hu Wei Jun Hu Ying Song      
J Jin Liang Hai Jin Ren Chao        
L Li Dan Li Kai Li Ping Ling He Fei Liu Fang Liu Hong
M Ma Guang Zhi          
S Song En Ming          
W Wang Tian Jiang          
X Xu Xiang Yang          
Z Zou Fu Hao