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Database and Software Engineering


Intro.: Now data are connected with the following characteristics: high volume, high evolution speed, low data quality, and non-structuration. We focus on conducting researches on big data analysis which includes social computing, multi-modal data processing, big data security and data stream processing,techniques for big data management and platform techniques for supporting big data analysis. We also conduct researches on software vulnerability and security checking. In real-time systems, on the one hand, it is required to meet the timing constraints for tasks. On the other hand, we want to minimize the system power consumption. We conduct research on embedded real-time operating systems, embedded graphical user interfaces, energy-efficient real-time task scheduling and strategies for minimizing system workload in real-time database systems.

Contact: Prof. Guohui Li,


B Ban Peng Xin                
C Cao Zhong Shen                
F Fu Quan                
H Hu Guan Rong                
J Jiang Sheng                
L Li Guo Hui Li Hai Bo Li Jian Jun Li Zhuan Liu Xiao Ping      
P Pan Peng                
T Tu Gang                
W Wei Wei Wu Hai              
X Xie Mei Yi                
Y Yang Fu Ming Yang Mao Lin Yuan Lin Yuan Yi Han        
Z Zhai Bin Bin Zhang Jie Zhang Yong Zhao Xiao Song Zhou Chun Zhou Ying Biao Zhou Zheng Yong Zhu Hong Zuo Qiong