Computing and Optimization Theory


Intro.: Advanced optimization and automatic decision have become the trade in various industrial application areas, such as transportation, logistics, supply chain, telecommunication, airline, etc. In these areas, there exist large scale complex optimization, learning and decision problems which are usually proven to be NP-hard and very challenging and hard to solve. We study the resolution of large-scale combinatorial search problems and on the design of effective optimization, learning and decision methods for practical applications. Our main research areas include: Resolution of NP hard problems, modeling of complex systems, applications of artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning and so on. Furthermore, our research has been applied in various industrial projects. These projects have led to create considerable values in terms of both economy and society for our industrial partners. 

Contact: Prof. Zhipeng Lü,


C Chen Ji Xiong      
H He Kun Huang Zhi    
J Jin Yan John Edward Hopcroft    
L Li Chu Ming LV Zhi Peng    
S Shi Ke      
X Xiong Zheng Da Xu Hai Yin Xu Li Ping Xu Gui Ping
Z Zhang Ai Hua