The School of Computer Science and Technology endeavors to reform and innovate the graduate education, have extensive international cooperation and exchanges, carry out cutting-edge scientific research, and serve the social and economic development.

(1) A firm grasp of basic theories and systematic expertise knowledge on discipline, and master a foreign language so as to be proficient in reading and preliminary professional writing;

(2) Develop rigorous and realistic scientific attitude and style, to have realistic and innovative spirit and good research ethics, with independent scientific research ability in the discipline;

(3) Competence to the profession or related profession of teaching, research and engineering work and technology management.

 The school is focused on several research directions for graduate education, such as Computer Architecture, Computer Software and Theory, Computer Application Technology and Information Security.

The school offers 3 undergraduate programs; it also has 2 first-level disciplines of “Computer Science and Technology” and “Software Engineering” to award the doctoral/master’s degree, 1 first-level discipline of Computer Science and Technology post-doctoral research stations.

The school owns several Key Laboratory of Ministry of education, such as Information Storage System Laboratory, Service Computing Technology and System Laboratory.

The Information Storage System Laboratory has good hardware facilities and first-class scientific research environment. Main research directions include: the large scale storage systems, new storage devices and systems, storage services and security, network storage system, and cloud storage, and a series of innovative achievements have been achieved.

The Parallel and Distributed Computing Laboratory has an open academic atmosphere and international frontier research direction based on the computer system structure of the national key disciplines and the key discipline of computer software and theory in Hubei province, actively carries out the research on cloud computing and distributed computing, multi-core architecture and system virtualization, system security and fault tolerance calculation, massive data management etc.

We are also very strong in the research directions such as advanced data engineering, Multimedia Information Processing, Information Security and Computational Theory



Master’s programs of the school are usually completed in 2-3 years, and doctoral programs 3-5 years. Certificates of graduation and degree will be awarded to those who have met the requirements of graduation and degree conferment. The qualification of applicants includes:

(1) Applicants for Master programs should have a Bachelor degree.

(2) Applicants for Doctoral programs should have a Master degree.

(3) Language skills requirements:

1) For programs offered in Chinese: applicants should pass Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) band 3.

2) For programs offered in English: applicants should pass Chinese test of the school.  

3) For Doctoral Program applicants: if the English proficiency is sufficient, the Chinese language requirement could be adjusted for some majors.

(4) The thesis is required for applying for a master or doctor degree.

The thesis must be completed independently under the guidance of the supervisor.


Applicants should get the financial support from the Chinese government or other governments and Huazhong University of Science and Technology can provide the housing services and applicants should pay for the housing services.